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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Injury FAQs:

Do I really need an attorney?

Insurance companies have a team of trained individuals working to settle your claim for the least amount possible before an attorney is involved because they are protecting their own interests. If a company or person is responsible for your injuries, an investigation is needed and evidence needs to be preserved. Attorneys do not simply help you navigate the legal process; an attorney investigates; puts proper parties on notice; and has the ability to pursue all legal avenues available to maximize your claim.

Does Personal Injury Law only include car accidents?

NO. Personal Injury is a broad term that includes injuries sustained because of the negligence of another. Our website lists the most common types of personal injury. Please do not hesitate to call so that we may explore the unique details of your circumstance and determine if you have a claim.

Do I have to file a lawsuit to settle my claim?


Many cases can be resolved without filing a lawsuit. However, lawsuits may need to be filed when your claim is being disregarded or undervalued. In cases involving catastrophic injury, a lawsuit is needed to preserve evidence and begin the legal process, because time is critical.


Do I have to pay for representation?

NO. Personal Injury cases are based upon a contingency fee. We do not ask for a retainer or money to begin working on your case.

What is a contingency fee?

Our firm will pay for costs and expenses reasonably necessary to pursue your case. When the case is resolved, we will receive a percentage from the settlement and a reimbursement of costs.

Do I actually have a claim or case?

An initial consultation will inform and educate you on whether you have a claim or case. Every circumstance and set of facts are different and require a thorough discussion with an attorney.

How long does it take for my claim or case to settle?

It depends. Every case is different and the severity of injuries and length of treatment have the most impact. Before settlement can be discussed, damages have to be known and assessed.

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